[Blog]Reasons to choose Roistudio? Choose our make up skills!! @Roistudio

25 Jan 2020
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Most of the brides misunderstand that bride make up should be thick and heavy. In European countries, South East Asia, Japan and Taiwan, most of the make up and hair styles are heavy and complicated.

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(Taiwan and Hong Kong make up style, searched in instagram)

They believe that if make up is not that heavy, why do I need to pay so much for you?

From the experiences that I’ve been working for Korean pre wedding studios, I saw Korean make up got it’s strengths. That is, do it APPROPRIATELY.

Korean pre wedding make up styles still heavy enough for cameras, but it’s neither too much nor too light. I love their make up so much, because they do it appropriately.

More importantly, Korean make up makes you look more younger!!

Roistudio have our make up artist and she’s the most professional make up artist and self-disciplined person that I’ve ever met. She improves the make up skills everyday, learns a lot of make up styles from Kpop music with humble and mindfully. I am so glad that brides can enjoy the make up done by her. She deserves awards in leading the Korean make up industry.

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