JEJUPre-Wedding Shoot with Roi Studio 2019 (Seoul+ Jeju)

29 Sep 2019
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We saw Roi studio's sample photos online and loved them.

We had our PWS with Roi Studio Seoul and we also engaged them directly for our outdoor shoot in Jeju back in June. The weather was amazing and the team was fantastic. Their services began way before we sign up with them. I was constantly facebook-messaging them in English/ Chinese as they have a translator of their own and it definitely helped clear my doubts. They texted us on what to be prepared for the shoot.

On shoot day, Roi studio arranged for taxi pickup from our hotel and welcomed us at the studio entrance. The makeup artist did wonders and I was surprised by how different I look before and after make up.

The photographer was very professional and guided us through different poses. We were very comfortable during the shoot as the team took care of us and stylists made sure I have accessories matching every dress I chose. They did not hurry us at all during gown selection. Their Ahjumas were very patient and professional. I really feel that they have the most difficult job as they are constantly carrying our shoes/clothes and touching up my hair etc.

We received our photos in less than 2 weeks.

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