[Blog]What kind of dresses are included in whole day pre wedding packages? @Roistudio

18 Jan 2020
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It’s a common question that all the brides will ask. For most of the customers will choose 1 ball gown, 1 slim dress, 1 vintage dress (short dress) and 1 hanbok to satisfy all the wishes they have haha. Well I think it’s a perfect idea.

Ball gown

Slim Fit

Not just Koreans will follow their traditions of wearing Korean traditional dress – hanbok, unexpectedly, 99% of overseas customers love the hanbok sooooo bad that some of them would like to buy them home!!!


Talking about gown fitting, brides will have to choose a few dresses to do fitting, OR, suggest their favorite styles and let the helper to find the gowns for them. 1 hour to 1.5 hour is enough for brides to put it on, let the groom take photos and change. DEFINETELY!!!! Most of the brides can try 6 -8 dresses and within them, just choose 1 ballgown, 1 slim dress, 1 vintage and 1 hanbok, depends on what package you have.

Vintage Dress (Short dress)

In Korea, brides will wear vintage dress for outdoor section. They will call the short dresses as "vintage dress". There is NO ONE looks old and ugly wearing the vintage dress. Vintage dress is so magical to make everyone looks so young and trendy. So amazing haha!!

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