[Blog]Family Photoshoot / Wedding Anniversary Photoshoot with Roistudio Korea

31 Aug 2019
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In Korea, autumn is about to begin soon. 

We have the mid-autumn festival around September, when there will be family reunion and spend time together. 

Thinking of family, we have several  beautiful and amazing family photoshoot experience, 

so we wanted to share here the reviews of our customers! 

Firstly, we've had a photoshoot with Mr. Yoo Seung-min's family. 

He is a famous MC host and celebrity in Korea! 

We could see his talent in the photoshoot as well as his humor to make other people enjoy.   

Next, here are some anniversary & family photoshoot photos from our other customers! 

This foreign family has visited us to have a family photoshoot, at the same time for wedding photoshoot. 

They seemed to be a little bit shy at the beginning, seeing each other dressed up and having postures, 

but later they really enjoyed the photoshoot with our team!   


This couple has been our most beautiful photoshoot scenes among what we had this year. 

The bride dressed up with a white ball gown, with gray curly hair, gave us a feeling of calmness and elegance! 

Also, the groom staring at his bride, who has been with him together for a long time, had a warm smile and made the photo beautiful. 

This young family had photoshoot with us in a sunny day, 

so we had both indoor and outdoor photoshoot with them. 

We are happy because the children will bring out our photos and remember their family at childhood. 

If you are planning to have photoshoot in Korea, 

Please do not hesitate to contact us below:) 

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*We have uploaded only those pictures with customers' consent. 

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