SEOULRoistudio X Australian Couples!!

3 Sep 2019
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Finally sitting down to share a little preview of the 600 shots we had taken during our pre-wedding shoot in April.

Shout out to the awesome team at 로이스튜디오 - Roistudio - 若怡婚紗攝影 who turned these photos around in 2 weeks and made the entire experience surprisingly laid back and enjoyable (even for Mel). It took a team of 4 (makeup artist, helper, translator and photographer) and just under 8 hours to pump these out. There were lots of laughs, awkward poses and even some zha jiang mian delivered for lunch (a personal highlight).

We didn't have to plan a thing (Thank God - planning is definitely not Mel's strong suit...or mine). From when we were picked up from our hotel at 7am to getting dropped back in the afternoon, everything was organised and planned out for us. When I first made the enquiry with Iris over whatsapp she said "Don't worry about anything, just come!". She was being serious.

For anyone considering doing something different (to the usual Sydney beach engagement shots), we highly recommend Roi Studio. The team is personable and professional - we can't wait to receive our album.

5 months to go! 🙊🙊

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