SEOUL[Review] Couldn't be happier with the result - Unforgettable Korea Photoshoot Journey with Roi Studio

24 Sep 2023
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Here's our real customer review who had the photoshoot with us in the first half of 2023. 

We had a wonderful time for the indoor and outdoor shooting at the palace. Check out their photos and testimonial! 

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Testimonial from Google Review

My fiance and were visiting Korea (I'm Korean, she's not) and got a recommendation that we should do a photoshoot while we're there. We found Roi Studio through some googling. Having a translater available was important because my fiance doesn't speak Korean. We went for the 10p package with additional outdoor shoot - we were lucky because it was during cherry blossom seasons so the shots turned out great. Everyone was very nice and accommodating, and they provided several beautiful dress options to choose from. The staff worked hard to ensure great results. It was a tiring all-day experience, but worth it in our eyes. We received the photos several days after the photoshoot, and couldn't be happier with the result. Would highly recommend.Inquire Now

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