SEOUL[Review] Last month, we had our PWS in KR with Roi Studio!

18 May 2023
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Last month, we had our PWS in KR with Roi Studio!

Since we were headed for KR, we decided to look around google to see which studios are available. It was an impromptu and last minute decision, as we only started looking out one month before the shoot:eek: Thankfully, we were still able to find studios with available slots and ultimately went with Roi Studio!We chose Roi Studio as the response we received to our queries were quick, and they were flexible in changing the package. We also love the fact that we were directly dealing with the Studio itself, instead of it being through an agent. Since we do not speak Korean, we had to pay for a translator (engaged through Roi Studio). After confirming the package that we want (we chose indoor + one outdoor location), we made a 20% deposit.On the day of the shoot, we were asked if we had any preference on the makeup and hairstyles, but we did not have any and just requested the makeup artist to make us look as good as possible! After makeup and hair was done, I was brought to choose the gown! There were many designs but to save time, the bride assistant took out a few gowns that she thought would suit me best. The gowns were beautiful! The only downside though, is that they do not have any coloured gowns. They do have hanbok too, but we did not opt for that. They provided shoes as well, so you don't have to bring your own if you are not picky.The photographer was really professional and knows how to lighten the mood! As I was nervous at the start of the shoot and was not able to smile properly, he taught my partner how to help me relax and feel more at ease. He also demonstrated to us on how to pose, and captured many great moments!

Throughout the shoot, the bride assistant and translator were with us, keeping us warm and helping to adjust our hair and gown. After the shoot, we received the photos approximately a week later through Google Drive, and we are having a hard time now deciding which ones to edit and print on our album:pOverall, it was a really great experience to be able to have our PWS in KR with such a wonderful team!


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